Training for Professionals

Tim Gordon is a social worker who teaches ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) in the Clinical Behavioural Sciences program at McMaster University. He specializes in working with attachment and trauma issues and is currently developing two books for New Harbinger Publications integrating attachment-based therapeutic approaches with mindfulness and acceptance. He also integrates yoga and movement into his therapeutic work and is a published author in the field of alternative and complementary medicine.

Tim presents workshops around the world and is renowned for his passion as a presenter, and his experiential approach to training professionals.

Join Tim online for an eight week uniquely interactive course on ACT.

Join Tim in Toronto for intensive experiential workshops varying from beginner to specialized skill building.

See Tim internationally at one of the renowned four-day intensive ACT BootCamps.

Attended trainings and hungry for more? Become a member of the scientific community supporting ACT, the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science and join Tim for a Peer Intervision group.

Alternatively you can contact Tim directly to inquire about consultation/supervision services or having him give a workshop at your agency/location: (905) 516 4981 or