My Approach to Counselling

Timothy Gordon, MSW, RSW in Hamilton, Ontario

        I offer talk therapy as well as mind - body work through Mindful Yoga Based Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. I am collaborative, empathetic, understanding, and hopeful in my work with clients. I am interested in learning about new people and my clients often comment that this shows.

I am an eclectic in my practice, which means that I have training in many different forms of psychotherapy, for example: CBT, ACT, or play therapy for children. The work we do together will be goal driven, where we focus on the issues you want to work on in therapy. This also means that our counselling work together will be unique to you.

In an initial session, I would be interested in knowing what has brought you to counselling, get to know you and talk about what possible goals or outcomes you would like to see from our work together. I am interested in exploring your strengths and hopes. The duration of our counselling (how many times we meet) will also be discussed or may be determined based on your goals. Financial restrictions are a reality for some clients which may limit counselling contact to a single session. You can see a short video introduction to me and my practice here.

For rates and to schedule an appointment, please visit this page.

I am passionate about my work counselling people, I feel privileged to have such an intimate role in their lives.

Timothy Gordon, MSW, RSW
257 Thorner Drive
Hamilton, Ontario