Book a Session

        Booking a session with Tim is easy using the above scheduling widget. You can select from an 'Individual Session' or use the drop down menu to select the 'Mindful Yoga-Based Acceptance & Commitment Therapy' group. Days which have open appointment times are highlighted in yellow. Click the date you would like to book a session for and open time slots will appear on the right. Scroll through the times to find evening appointments. If the appointment time is listed on the schedule, you can book that time by clicking on it and completing the form.

Alternatively, you may contact Tim by phone (905) 516 4981 or email

Office located at 257 Thorner Drive, Hamilton, ON. Feel free to park in the driveway, enter through the wood gate with the welcome sign at the end of the drive way. Please use the side door just through the wood gate, there is a waiting room and bathroom at the bottom of the stairs. Tim will be with you shortly.

Couples and families attending an appointment together will use the same 'Individual Session' booking button, there is no additional fee for couples or families.

Fee for Service

As a Social Worker, Tim is respectful to different levels of income and is willing to use a sliding scale in special circumstances. If you need consideration for a sliding scale, contact Tim directly before making an appointment to discuss your situation. Appointments are made on a fee-for-service basis.

Session Type
Fee per Session

Services may be covered by your insurance, EAP or other benefit provider. It is your responsibility for payment of services and for you to seek reimbursement; Tim will only provide information to providers with your implied consent.

Individual sessions are 50 minutes long and can be paid for with Credit Card via PayPal or by dropping cash/cheque off with Tim. Please note that a $3.62 charge is applied to all payments made with PayPal. Email money transfers are accepted at no additional charge.