Thursday, September 29, 2011

'tis the season to conceptualize a thesis.

So as a graduate student some are expected to write and research but my program, a master of social work does not require this. Instead the MSW program is very much practical and based on developing skills, doing practicums. I however want to write a thesis. This has elicited looks of fright from my classmates and friends. Well, I'm here to say don't look so scared. Writing a thesis is a lot of extra work, yes but think of how much deeper into your studies you can get. Take for example you're really into a certain topic but your faculty doesn't really offer any courses that specialize in that interest. So, maybe you take it upon yourself to do some additional reading, your interested is really peaked and now you're googling podcasts, youtube videos, books, anything you can in relation to this topic. Perhaps you find a workshop, maybe you can afford to go, maybe you can't. At this point you may not be recognized as an authority on this particular subject but you definitely have an understanding of it and if you're passionate about it and not sick of it why not learn more about it, contribute to it and help it grow. In growing that topic you may grow and become recognized as an authority or expert.

This is obviously something I've spent a significant time thinking about. The name "Zen Social Worker" comes from a description of me. I'm a yogi and practice (yoga) every day as well as a social work student. First thing when I wake up in the morning, I unroll my mat and jump on it. It's my time to wake up, energize myself for the day, fire up my hunger, increase my metabolism and focus my Drishti (outward vision, inward awareness). My practice is meditative and sometimes slow, just to stretch and ease myself into consciousness. for the day Other mornings I am ready to rock and really want to get my sweat on. My practice on these mornings will be far more active with many vinyasa's.

Yoga is something I'm very passionate about, it has a profoundly positive effect on my life and I have seen those positive impacts on other people. I would like to introduce yoga as a modality of therapeutic care, from my readings I've found a variety of studies relating the practice of yoga to well being and healing in healthcare situations. As a student in the yoga teacher program I'm learning more about yogic philosophy and have a great desire to introduce yoga into my direct practice.

I suspect that it will take a significant time investment to put together a practical guide as to how I plan on integrating yoga as a treatment for specific symptoms. Luckily there is a lot of literature on the subject and now it's a matter of me taking that information in, digesting it and conceptualizing a research design to test if yoga does have a healing effect on patients.

I should get back to reading,

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  1. You raise a good point about furthering your personal interests and passion. You almost...ALMOST...had me thinking about doing a thesis. Then the moment passed.

    That said, I'm excited for your journey and to hear what you come up with!


    PS: Lentil-banana-coconut milk soup is my gluten-free rice cereal. lol. Be nice or I'll make you eat a bowl.