Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blog to go!

What a weekend, if I wasn't dressed up like Don Draper from the set of Mad Men for a themed Social Work potluck/party on Saturday I was hitting the books hard with a few breaths up for air. The weather this weekend was cool, fall is here. You can smell it in the air. Local businesses always seem to have the jump on the seasons, they already have their pumpkins out front on the steps and dried out cobs of corn hanging from windows. Shoppers Drug Mart had their Halloween candy and costumes on display a few weeks ago but this weekend the weather caught up. Right on time I may add, the cool, fresh air is here for October.

Well I say bring on the hooded sweatshirts, hot yoga classes and warm drinks.

I did however manage to get out on my bike a few times this weekend. I'm a huge fan of the social work podcast and was able to take it along with me thanks to the conveniences of modern technology so I don't feel quite as guilty taking a few hours out of the day to be solitary and go for a ride. If you're a social worker or social work student and haven't checked out the podcast yet, I highly recommend it. Dr. Singer is interesting, engaging and has a good "radio" voice. Also, his corny jokes genuinely make me laugh out loud.

On my bike ride a really interesting insect found it's way onto my leg. I slowed down to take a picture and stopped to transfer him onto a nearby leaf. Just as I reached my finger out to, the insect flew away and onto a plant.

Off I go, I must work tonight,

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