Monday, March 25, 2013

Yoga Show 2013 in Toronto!

Sean, Nicole, and Tim. The Zen Social Worker Team for the 2013 Yoga Show in Toronto!
        Wow! We're home from the yoga show and I have to start by giving thanks. Thank you to Sean and Nicole for being amazing people and helping give voice to my work. Without your dedication, friendship, and belief in me, I would not have been able to do this.

The yoga show was a success, which was a pretty amazing experience for me. I arrived at the show/exhibition not knowing what to expect and over the course of three days I shared my story of how I came to research yoga as a mental health intervention: as a social worker, two years ago I introduced yoga into my practice with clients. I talked about my research and found I was met with enthusiasm. Person after person wanted to talk to Tim, "the Zen Social Worker" and learn all about how yoga could be used as a mental health intervention. Many of the yoga teachers were hungry for more information, other social workers, educators, nurses, and even a few doctors found their way to me and wanted to talk about how they could use yoga in their practices or how they could start programs that yoga teachers could be involved in at their agencies. I was surprised to see friends, even some friends who were exhibitors and presenters at the yoga show who I had no idea would be there! Most of all, I am struck by how open to learning the yoga community is. I had a number of people come to our booth just to congratulate or encourage me with the research.

Thank you to all those who came by the booth and shared in my passion. Welcome to those who found their way to this website despite not being able to get time with me, while I was engaged with someone else chatting.

Timothy Gordon
Hamilton, Ontario

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