Thursday, January 23, 2014

Clinkle: Inspiring Entrepreneurship

        Call me a sucker for sentimental ads, Clinkle has released a beautiful promo for it's app. This application has garnered a lot of attention because of the substantial financial backing it has received. I would rather not focus on the multi-million dollar implications of a stealth startup where no one knows what it actually does and had no working prototype at the time of earning the many zeros on the end of its venture capitalist funding.

Clinkle: We’re All In This Together from Clinkle on Vimeo.

As an entrepreneur I am constantly looking for new ways to make interacting with my clients easier but also secure. Whether it be communication, scheduling, and payments Online my belief is that accessing my service should be as easy as possible. There however lacks a personal element to many of these services and watching the Clinkle video, I felt they really captured what's at the heart of the entrepreneur. Despite being a Sam Roberts fan and hearing his latest singles' chorus "we're all in this together" used as the tag line associated with Clinkle but hang tight: the implications of "what if one morning, we had to go out alone. If the people we needed just weren't there."

That is it, isn't it. The inspiration of striking out on ones own, monetizing your passion, being your own boss, whatever the reason. There is something deeper there than "make money" and what we're doing inside of this 'something more' as I refer to it, is connecting to other people. Forming a community. To me, this is the most exciting part of Clinkle, making entrepreneurship a little more accessible. The last shots in the video, showing the plethora of people one might interact with through sending them money electronically (presumably) using Clinkle is an exciting advancement for entrepreneurs.


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