Thursday, April 10, 2014

Imagine you could attend your own funeral.

        This is intense. I use this example a lot when I give trainings on psychotherapy. I tend not to use an evocative exercise like "attending your own funeral" in session with clients because they have their own emotional content that is present in sessions. Often times, I just find I do not need to go into an activity like this. So instead, I use it when I give trainings to professionals because we use show up with that learning/problem solving mode of mind and exercises like this can get us out of that mode of mind for a short time and breathe some compassion and attuned awareness into the room. In my experience (and there is some good data to back this) that experiential learning is valuable and learners come away with more when they do the work in the room.

So, I was surprised to see this video a few mornings ago while I was enjoying my morning tea. It's very moving and I wish to share it here. If you do not speak French, please move your mouse inside the video and select the 'CC' button in the bottom right of the video, it stands for 'Closed Captioning' and allows you to have English.

If you could attend your own funeral and actually listen in.. what would you hope to hear be said about you? Go gently with this question, it might give you a chance to really connect with what and who matters most to you.

I'd want to hear "Tim really loved and care for me." :)