Thursday, September 15, 2011

I have values and ideas but where do I go? Do I specialize?

I have spent a lot of time in my undergraduate studying the philosophy of Social Work, asking the big epistemological questions, how do social workers know what they know? Where do they get their information from, how do they inform their practice? Unfortunately I wrote my undergraduate research paper on the philosophy of Social Work as a science before finding the Social Work Podcast; I really feel the podcast is an exceptional source of information for Social Work students and practitioners. Now that the MSW program is in full swing I'm beginning to realize that not only does my discipline not subscribe to any one modality of therapy but uses many skills and therapies creating an eclectic practice. This is freeing and flexible, I imagine having a proverbial toolbox to draw from for a variety of situations and issues. From self-harming, suicide, depression, anxiety to bereavement, attachment or major personality disorders. Being

So, where do I fit in? The reality is I don't know and being eclectic is confusing when you don't have a foundation. I want to be recognized as a specialist with skills that are sought out or considered valuable, at least that is something aspire to. So, I will spend the next year researching institutes that offer training like the Toronto Psychoanalytic Institute & Society or the Jung Foundation of Ontario.

We shall see,

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