Friday, September 16, 2011

Imagine finding exactly what you're looking for all at once, unexpectedly.

So, yesterdays post has been answered all at once thanks to Dr. Coady and Dr. Lehman's text, Theoretical Perspectives for Direct Social Work Practice. This is an optional book for an advanced theories class I'm taking. After a long day of making phone calls and emails to different institutes responsible for "therapy" training I went home, watched an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Suits and then was out cold. This morning I crack my optional text and read Chapter One; I'm immediately struck with the answer that I've been looking for, a generalist or eclectic practice for Social Work. This involves combining theoretical frameworks to create an informed practice with clients.

Eclecticism is especially interesting to me as a social worker because I believe this approach does not constrain a clients experience to one theory, forcing them to fit a mould or archetype. I interpret that as oppressive and not inclusive of the many different factors that may exist outside of the acknowledgement of a specific theories framework. Eclecticism also notes that a critical stance is taken by social workers on a scientific view in practice. This really strikes a chord with me, especially in an age where our actions are considered objective and important, our emotions are subjective and of little importance. That is wrong to me, I like having a critical view of "objectivity" as I feel that truly being objective is nearly impossible.

Back to studying, more later.

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