Monday, November 7, 2011

Do you love your life? Have you lived your life well? What regrets will you have when you die?

Do I love my life, have I lived my life in a way that will make people smile when I'm dead and gone? I think these are life changing questions (which leads me to believe I may be an existentialist but more on that later). Let us first address that life is not a constant onward and upward development toward a destination of more. We can only consider that we have this life, our only life. We can learn to live well, fully and make an effort to understand that we have the power, freedom and choices to have a positive attitude towards our living. That is to say that being alive, the meaning of life is just that, our living. Consider seriously how you are living. Do you carry the secret of your own loneliness?

I may not believe in an interventionist God or a fated destiny (this does not mean I don't believe in a God or at least something) so how can I come to understand purpose in my life? I have considerations toward the future, aspirations and ambitions; to help people by establishing meaningful relationships and making positive changes. I want to live without accumulating and collecting more regrets. This is my effort to live my life fully. To make meaning of living. How do you live your life fully?

I believe that this awareness of death that I've been discussing for the last few months of blog posts is useful to me and may be useful to others in bringing about life changes. I no longer see grief as an intrusion, I no longer starve and ignore my grief in an effort to be rid of it. I proceed through life as I am an indebted person, I know many things have died to keep me alive. I wish to communicate more deeply with those that I love, I don't want to fear other people. I want to take risks, have little concern for rejection and appreciate all the small things in life. I  wonder if it's possible for me to shed my desire for prestige, vanity and money.

Thanks for following along with this discussion as I've explored my own ideas surrounding death. Feel free to communicate your thoughts and ideas through the comments. Now that I'm home and healthy there will be much more to post.

Live and breathe deeply,

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