Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rebuild all your ruins, I'm going home.

Rebuild all your ruins, I'm going home.
    Some reflection on my trip to India.

At three in the morning, nearly the end of December;
I'm retreating on an overnight flight.
I am not giving up, I'm just saying goodbye to you.

You know I loved the idea of living with you but 
when I saw how you beat your children I fled the city.

I met your good people and the bad ones too.
I stood where kings stood, watched the sun set and wondered if they feared what I fear.

I looked over the landscape where generals once planned and murmured a ritual prayer.

You kissed me in the hill station away from the smog and the heat and the hate. I could forgive you but I turn my heart homewards, please don't stay up or wait.

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