Sunday, November 3, 2013

Theorizing Yoga as a Mindfulness Skill

        I was organizing papers over the rainy weekend, reviewing some of my writing in preparation for a presentation I'm giving and remembered that one of my publications should be available online for free! I looked it up and sure enough found Theorizing Yoga as a Mindfulness Skill in Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences. This is a paper I wrote and gave at the 3rd World Conference on Psychology, Counselling & Guidance.
Theorizing Yoga as a Mindfulness Skill
The conference was a great experience for me, I was still in the stages of collecting data for my thesis and I was not sure how people would react to the idea of using yoga as a mental health intervention, responses were positive. Ultimately I finished my research and felt good about the work I did, this paper served as an early way to convey ideas and I garnered a lot of support, which I believe helped keep me going during those long nights of data analysis and writing up results.

Enjoying the autumn colours and weather,

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