Sunday, December 1, 2013

Featured by the CYBF!

        A few months ago I was interviewed about my experience of "living my dream." The interview focused on starting my own business, a private practice in Hamilton, ON offering counselling which, if you know me personally at all — you would know that it in fact is my dream; I love my work. The interview was spurred by my involvement with The Canadian Youth Business Foundation (cybf) whom consider anyone under the age of 39 a youth.

The Canadian Youth Business Foundation wanted to know what motivates entrepreneurs to live their dreams and the answer for me was simple: courage. Creating something new, breaking out on your own, and carving your own path takes courage, especially when you leave a position inside a large medical health model that supports you and gives you a consistent pay check.

Check out the cybf video to hear entrepreneurs (including myself) talking about their passion for bringing their projects to life.

Thanks to cybf for helping me live my dream!

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